Bloomington IL Photographer | Giving Smiles

Giving Smiles 

Some days you just have to follow your own advice!

Step 1: Print Them
Step 2: Give them out to People
Step 3: Enjoy their Smile as they tell you they LOVE them!

Some smiles are just not meant to live on my computer....or on Facebook....But deserve to be in a frame or on your wall!


Bloomington IL Photographer

As a Central IL photographer I see it all the time, people want to have the digitals from their session.  Trust me I get it, I'm the exact same way.....I buy the digitals from school pictures, and Santa, and the Easter Bunny.  Every time! 

But I have a question for you...Do you have that one picture that every time you see it, it brings a smile to your face?  Does it take you back in time and make your day a little bit better?  Do you have a copy of it on display in your home?  Do the people that love you have a copy of it?  Do you think it would bring a smile to their face and make their day just a little bit better?  Just something to think about.

Yes having the digitals is nice, but these images are meant to be shared...and this year I'm going to make the time to follow my own advice!  

Extra bonus was the smiles and great conversation I received when I dropped off these prints to my family.  It was a little thing that made my heart happy! 

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